Posted 4 weeks ago

This rack of back and forth

I’ve had this back and forth feeling for so long that this relationship is could or couldn’t be right. I love being a mom and honestly sometimes don’t mind being a single mother but the back and forth with my childens father has been very hard thro me basicly doing everything for karson to me geting an abortion because he wasn’t ready to now when I honestly did not want to have this baby and planed to place her for adoption. I’ve changed things for him but by the grace and my hard work I’ve still progressedmyself in like. And he has brought me down turned me around held me back and never seemed to be helping me mover foward in life which worrys me about this relationship because Ive be pushing ppl off n away for him. I’m just tired I’m keepin my daughter cause he has been back and for about being with me bout claimed he wouldn’t have signed over his daughter but it would have been better for him. Me I know I’m going to struggle for a little shile until ME MYSELF I get on my feet. I’ve never been able to depend on him so what makes me think I will be able to when she is here to and he clams to be with me again…..

Posted 1 month ago